Sunday, November 24, 2013

Will The Kids Go To School?

I'm finally sitting down to look at some data today. After going to Church all morning, spending time with my family this afternoon, eating Thanksgiving dinner with our Church family, and putting up the Christmas Tree... I'm sitting down with a cup of coffee to see if the kids will go to school tomorrow! I know, I know... many kids are already out for Thanksgiving Break. Not my kids! lol

Everyone throughout the day has been asking about the winter weather threat and most are simply wondering, WILL THE KIDS GO TO SCHOOL?

Here are my thoughts in the simplest form:

  • It's the first wintry weather of the year, so the panic level will be a little higher.
  • There is not a lot of moisture, but enough where SOME places will have travel problems.
  • It has been cold enough for this to "stick", even on the roads.
  • At 8PM (Sunday), Freezing Rain and sleet is already being reported.
  • While there is some sleet being reported now, best chance comes after 9AM on Monday. This will cause some problems with school districts. Cut them some slack.
  • Accumulations will be between a dusting and 1" of snow and sleet.
  • Other parts of the state will have more accumulation than Region 8.
The two biggest forecast challenges: Will it be cold enough and how much moisture will extend into Region 8. First, we were 5-7 degrees colder than model guidance today, so I feel we will easily be cold enough. Second, it appears we will at least have enough moisture to give us some light accumulation. Here's what it should look like on radar tomorrow. By mid-morning, a large part of Region 8 will have sleet (orange), freezing rain (orange), and snow (blue). This will continue nudging northeast.
By the evening, we will still have moisture in Region 8. While it will not be a lot, I think most of it will be in the form of a wintry mix. Models typically do not handle shallow, cold air too well and I expect us to be colder than model guidance. If you have travel plans in the evening, look for some slick spots. 
Tune in to Bryan McCormick tonight at 10:00 PM and Justin Logan in the morning for the latest data and information.



Anonymous said...

It's already sleeting in Mt Home

Anonymous said...

Thank you for putting God and your family first. Hope you have a great holiday!! Thankful for all you weather guys at kait

Unknown said...

My priority would be the same in any situation. I appreciate you!!!

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