Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Final Thoughts On "Possible" Accumulation

Here are my final thoughts before the 10:00 News. We are getting reports of a few snowflakes mixing in with the rain at 9:30 PM, but the changeover for most areas will happen later tonight. Here are my thoughts at 9:30 PM PM:

  • Not everyone will see accumulation.
  • If it does stick to the roads, it will melt fast tomorrow morning.
  • The best chance for snowfall is still in the Ozarks. 
  • There is still a CHANCE that Jonesboro sees snow that does not stick. 
  • Most of this will melt fast on Wednesday.
Rachel will be in Jonesboro on GMR8. I'll be out in the Central Ford StormTRACKER to find the heaviest snow. nearby. Justin will be in the studio. I'm not feeling 100%, so if I get any worse... I may be reporting from home. 

Have a great night and we will see you on Region 8 News at 10:00



gail camillone said...

thanks for the update...hope you are feeling better soon...

Unknown said...

Well, you might need to stay home, ask watchers and listeners for pictures and some stats with locations, and make your report. It has been terribly windy all night,some light snow only getting blown around. No specific stats here (Hwy. 1 S), but I did chase my hat across the drive from a bad gust.