Saturday, September 03, 2016

Earthquake Felt In Region 8

At 7:02 am, a magnitude 5.6 Earthquake shook a large part of the country. It was centered just NW of Pawnee, OK. If you have our app, you can turn on the earthquakes layer and see the position and information:

I kind of felt it at my house, but was too tired at first to investigate further. I thought it was just the kids and their friends running around the house. With 4 kids and friends on most weekends... our house shakes a lot! LOL

Immediately, my Twitter feed filled up with tweets from you guys and I knew it was something more than kids running around the house.

I started checking in on what happened and found that Oklahoma had a rather large Earthquake for their area. I started checking the seismographs in Region 8 and easily could see it:

Stay with KAIT and we will have some pictures and video of the damages in Oklahoma tonight on Region 8 News.


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