Saturday, March 11, 2017

Saturday Morning Snow Update: A Little More Concerned

This picture has me concerned. It's a picture from NW Tennessee this morning where some precipitation has already started. The big question with this storm system was: WILL THE SNOW STICK? Well, this picture shows about 1/2" of snow, but it's easily sticking to the roads! They were also in the 70s, two days ago.

Here are some bullet points:

  • Sleet and snow is already falling in areas.
  • Mostly rain through the day, but some places may dabble in wintry mix all day.
  • Rain changes to snow for most areas later in the afternoon.
  • Snow this evening.
  • I'll be in the Central Ford StormTRACKER providing updates this evening.
  • Snow may stick easier and faster than previously thought. (Based on pic above)
  • Generally, 1-2" for areas that change to snow.
  • Melts tomorrow.
  • Churches may be impacted.
Let's look at some data. This is what StormCAST (RPM) is showing at 6:00 PM. Many areas will be rain, but spotty areas switching to snow:

By 9:00 PM, many locations will be all snow:

Latest short term data is still showing 1-2" of snowfall. Don't focus on exact areas, but rather the overall pattern:
Stay tuned!


Margaret said...

why is Hardy area never on the map.

Miranda Raanes said...

Looks like we may be getting some after all!!

Anonymous said...

I'm scared

Anonymous said...

Blogger Margaret said...

"why is Hardy area never on the map."

it's there, just zoom in

Susan Morris said...

Let it snow,Let it snow,Let it snow!!I love snow and my lil dog does to.

Unknown said...

Ryan maybe you need to start following me. I am a third grade teacher and based on their behaviors yesterday I forecasted this snow Ms. Kim's class 1, Ryan Vaughn 0.