Monday, April 10, 2017

Storms Possible Tonight, But Not Much Severe

The severe weather threat is LOW tonight, but I can't rule out a severe thunderstorm warning or two. We should be mostly dry during the daytime hours, with only an isolated shower possible. The air does getting a little unstable this evening. This is a look at CAPE at 7PM. If you recall, CAPE is the fuel needed for storms, but several factors can still prevent thunderstorm development. For example, you can have a car full of gas, but if you have a dead battery... it's not going to start without some assistance:
Radar at 7PM may have most of the precipitation in central and southern Arkansas, but notice the few storms in our NW counties in that unstable environment:
I'm not overly concerned, but I will probably not go too far from the station on dinner break. By 10PM, a lot of the action moves east...
As we go further into the evening hours, the CAPE goes down:
Stay tuned for changes, but the severe weather threat appears to be LOW. Any warnings that are issued will likely be for gusty winds and quarter sized hail. We will keep an eye on radar.


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