Thursday, August 31, 2017

Harvey Is Here!

We have a had one heck of a rain band come through Region 8 this morning. This band is well ahead of the main storm system and has dropped 4-6 of rain in some isolated spots. As of 8:00 am, here are some of the rain totals so far:

Walnut Ridge 0.07"
Paragould: 0.24"
Jonesboro: 1.62" (with a big band of rain approaching)
Bay: 2.33"
Osceola: 2.73"
Trumann: 2.81"
Fisher: 3.36"
McCrory: 5.85"

We have some DEEP moisture that this rain band is working with and this could be the heaviest rain of the day. Let's hope so because it is already overachieving!

Let me show you a map that represents how much water content we have in the air. It's called "Precipitable Water". Notice the dark reds and pinks. That is deep, tropical moisture at 7AM this morning:
Notice that we get a little drier toward lunchtime in PARTS of Region 8, but you can clearly see the center of Harvey moving closer to us at this time. This is noon:
By the evening, the deep moisture is moving away from us:
This is why I think the heaviest rain for most of Region 8 is right now. Notice I said "most". Our SE and East counties are going to be in this tropical airmass most of the day. I still think West Memphis could get 6-8" of rain today. Watch for flooded roads today!

Dry weather for the weekend!

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