Sunday, November 10, 2019

UPDATE: Monday's Rain To Snow

Milk and bread are still safe, but I've nudged the PANICOMETER up a little. If you are going out Monday evening, I would allow a little extra time. While most of this storm system will be RAIN, there will be a brief changeover to a wintry mix and snow on Monday evening. Keep in mind, I would suggest to allow extra time even if it just stayed rain! Here are bullet points this evening:

  • Most of tomorrow will be plain ole rain.
  • Rain will start by lunchtime.
  • It will end as wintry mix Monday evening.
  • Any accumulations will be LIGHT: decks, grills, patio furniture. (DUSTING)
  • Ends by 10-11 PM.
  • No watches, warnings, or advisories right now.
  • I would not be surprised to see some advisories as this unfolds.
  • Missouri counties stand the best chance of getting accumulations.
  • I'm telling my kids that they are going to school on Tuesday! They hope I'm wrong. LOL

Many locations will not see much accumulation and those that do will likely only have them on surfaces that are elevated. For example: decks, grills, patio furniture, and MAYBE grass. It would be pretty tough to get it to accumulate on roads.

Here's what to expect radar and temperatures to look like around 2PM. Most of us are rain, but a chilly rain:
By 6PM, the colder air starts to mix some sleet and snow into the rain in spots. But, look at the temperatures. It's tough for anything to stick when you're above freezing:
Here's one models output on snowfall potential. This is the European model:
Overall, a dusting is POSSIBLE, but not all will get it. 

Stay tuned! I'll have new data, tonight on Region 8 News. 

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