Thursday, December 23, 2004

FLURRIES!..... and a funny cartoon!

Apparently I forgot to mention that there would be a few flurries today.... I'm not use to people get so worked up about a few flakes! LOL

So what's going on? Well, as you know, some very cold air has moved in. Colder air holds less moisture, and the atmosphere is acting like a lightly damp sponge right now. The leftover moisture from this storm system that is moving away from us, is being squeezed out. That's why we are seeing a few flurries.

The roads will be fine and there will be no snowmen being made, but it was a great excuse to post a funny cartoon! I usually don't do 2 post in a day, but after all of the phone calls about the flurries.... I felt it was needed. After all that talk about nailing the forecast... flurries pop up! I guess God had different plans.....

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