Saturday, December 18, 2004

If you watched the 6:00 tonight, you likley saw a weird looking "technical difficulty" take place! Let me explain what happens at the end of weather... We (weather guys) step away from the "green wall".... the director takes the weather graphics without the camera.... and the camera swings around to get a shot of the of the news desk. Tonight the camera was still on when it was swung around, so you the viewer got a "behind the scenes" look at WSFA.

Bob and John had no idea they were on camera... it was funny watching from home... luckily John and Bob weren't making any funny faces or asleep! The first picture is when the camera zoomed out away from the weather wall (notice the monitors we use to see the weather graphics). The second picture is is when the camera was swung around to the desk... YOU'RE ON BOB AND JOHN!!!

Technical difficulties happen... management doesn't like it... but you have to admit, it's funny to see it every now and then!

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