Friday, December 17, 2004

Interesting Info Rich!

While I am at home with the family, I am more or less a viewer, just like you. I will admit that I have occasionally been sneaking a peek at some of the computer models to see if we will have a White Christmas or not... the chances aren't looking good!

Last night, Rich had some interesting facts about a White Christmas in Montgomery. As you can see from above, historically it's not that likely! We do have a series of cold fronts that will make it drastically cold, but we are in a "progressive" pattern. This means things change quickly. One day we'll wake up at 20 degrees and within 36 hours, we'll have an afternoon high of 60. So whatever weather we have, don't get use to it... it will change! I will say that it would not surprise me to see some flurries in the area, at some point over the next 2 weeks.

As a viewer this week though, I liked the historical look at a White Christmas Rich. That was cool! (No pun intended)

There you go folks, I didn't talk about the family today! We're all doing good though....

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