Thursday, December 30, 2004

Runnin' Out Of Time!!!

If you were up early, you saw me run out of air on air!!! What happened? Well, Storm Center 12 is on the 2nd floor of WSFA and the studio is on the 1st floor. When we go to commercial, I start walking downstairs to go do the weather. I have 2:30 minutes to get there. It has never been a problem in the past. That changed today! I got halfway down the stairs and remembered that I didn't have my coat on! I ran back upstairs, grabbed the coat, ran back downstairs, put my coat and mic on, and by that time the announcer voice was already airing: "And now your Storm Team 12 Forecast With Ryan Vaughan"

Needless to say, I was a little winded! Instead of just huffin' and puffin' through weather, I made some jokes about it with Tonya and Judd. It's hard to embarrass me, so I have no problem poking fun at myself!

While it has been some time since I ran around the track, I don't think it's totally my health that winded me, it was the "freak out" factor that I might not make it on air in time! Oh well.... bad day. We all have them!

For those that are heading to my hometown of Nashville for the Music City Bowl... Check out the "Nashville Tips" post below!!!

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