Friday, December 31, 2004

Back as "One"!

Here's an email I got this week from a viewer:

Hi Ryan,
I must admit that I love to watch WSFA every morning as well as my eighteen month old daughter, her favorite part is the birthdays and my favorite is the weather. I have only one concern about the show, some mornings the entire anchor team isn't there, I know that you guys probably work extremely long hours, but I must admit, the show is much better when the entire anchor team is on air. When will you all return as one??

P.S. Keep up the great job!!!!!

Thanks, Tiffani

It's awesome to get nice emails! Tiffani asked earlier this week when we would all be back on again. We were almost all back yesterday and today! Jeff is still working the evenings this week and one of our producers is on vacation. Hopefully we will all be back on next week and Jeff will be out taking us somewhere LIVE in the morning.

So how long did we go without the WHOLE team being on? Well it has been 21 days and 4 Tonya Terry Hair do's since we were all on-air together! I guess next year we will have to use up our vacation before December! I had a good excuse though, my son was born. Anyways, I'm going to sign off now....

Have a great New Year's Eve. Be safe. Don't drive if you are going to drink and watch out for the those that don't take the advice!

PS- Thanks to Isaiah's for coming on the show this morning and making some GREAT food! (See above picture)

As always, feel free to email me like the viewer above at

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