Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Take A Day Off Jeff!!!

Everybody, give Jeff a round of applause! He is on his 12th straight day at work! Jeff agreed to work some extra days while I spent time with my family following the birth of our new baby boy. Tomorrow he is off work!!!!

Jeff and I are good friends that constantly make fun of each other! Good friends, huh? Since tomorrow is my first day back to work in over a week, I am likely going to stumble over my words a time or two! As soon as I get through with my first screw up, the phone is likely to ring in Storm Center 12. When I pick up the phone, Gerber will be on the other end making some jokes! That's just how Jeff and I are... I made a couple of calls to him while I have been off work too! If you can't count on your friends to make fun of you, who can you count on!

In fact, I almost put a much worse picture of Jeff on here, just for a good laugh!

Thanks Jeff for working so much, now go take a week off!

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