Friday, January 14, 2005

Did you see what this sheriff is doing to the prisoners in Arizona? More or less, the prisoners are wearing pink shirts, flip-flops, boxers, and handcuffs! Get the full story by clicking here. Apparently some of the supplies from his prison kept coming up missing or stolen, so he made his equipment standout by making them PINK.

We were laughing like crazy about this story during the commercial. You really can't be a bully in prison when you are all dressed up in pink! In today's time, this kind of thing doesn't happen to much. I commend the sheriff for taking this action, but I give it about a week or two before some of the prisoners will be suing over cruelity or embarrassment or something! That's how the world is today.

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Sometime soon I'm going to post some new pictures of my kids and keep looking for a new look to the blog. It should be coming soon!

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Saying Hello!
Hi Ryan,
I enjoy watching the news every morning as I drink a cup of coffee. This is my first time sending an email to the station and I just wanted to give it a try.

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