Thursday, January 13, 2005

A Look From My Chair

You are in the seat of StormCenter 12! Whenever you see us in the Storm Center, this is what we are seeing. Notice that we have a window right behind the camera. While we have millions of dollars of equipment at our disposal, the window is one of the best! This picture was taken this morning.... Unfortunately there are some dark clouds out there! This could become a very busy day in StormCenter 12!

During situations like this Rich, Jeff, and I are constantly talking back and forth on the phone. We discuss how bad we all think it will be, we discuss how to cover the event, and talk about when we will get a break! You have to talk about when you will rest, because some of these severe weather events can last SEVERAL hours!

Throughout the day, keep up to date with the latest information by clicking here. You can also email me if you need specific information. Hopefully I will have time to answer questions you have!

Thanks for being patient with no blog post yesterday! The kids are doing good. A lot of folks are wanting more pictures. I guess I need to get to work on that!

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