Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Say Cheese!

Whenever my kids are seen on the blog, the number of "page hits" go up! I now realize that it's a popular topic! It's still amazes me that hundreds of you look at the blog each morning. The week that our youngest son was born, we had over 2,500 hits on the blog! Of course that was probably all of the Vaughan Family in Nashville checking it every hour! Most of my blog readers probably are those nuts up Interstate 65!!! If so.... Good Morning Vaughan Family!

In other news... I am going to kick off my 12 Steps To Fitness today at the gym! I am a week late, so that means I will only get 11 steps I suppose??? If I pass out, I'm sure Judd will take a picture to show on-air. My goal is to lose about 10-15 pounds. If I do that, I will be happy. We'll see! (I will probably gain weight somehow!)

As always, feel free to email me at rvaughan@wsfa.com

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