Monday, January 31, 2005

Well, it's my first day back in a little less than a week and I've already done something stupid. The "Sketch The Sky" picture above was a house, with a car outside in the sunshine. I thought it was a square and an arrow! We've all seen the geometrically designed art pieces... that's what I thought it was! Now I look like the jerk weather guy that makes fun of kid's pictures... Hopefully nobody took it that way!

In other news, I was gone for a few days last week so that the family and I could head up to Nashville. Our newest addition to our home is 7 weeks old now and has been on his "'05 Tour" the past few weeks. We were with our Florida family two weeks ago and our Tennessee family last week. We should sell T'shirts at the door when we go on tour like this (like a concert or something!).

Finally... 12 Steps of Fitness continues this week. I am now on the "Abs Diet." It is really a good diet that allows you to eat some great things, but when people are beside you eating a burger and fries, it feels like I'm eating cardboard and water! I have lost a couple of pounds this week and that's what matters I guess.

I'm signing off now, but feel free to email me at I hope to be posting a few of your emails later this week. Have a great Monday (If that's possible!)

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