Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Substitute Weatherguy?

Have you ever seen the substitute weather guy on in the morning? Luckily we haven't seen him yet today. The sub is Judd Davis. Every now and then I lose track of time and miss a cut-in during the Today Show. It's not that often, but it has happened a time or two. More commonly, Judd is heard doing the weather when I have a doctor's appointment or something that I have to be at before 10:00 (when the Today Show cut-ins end).

He just tells me to leave him my forecast and some graphics, and he reads right over them. Luckily he does a much better job than the guy in the cartoon! (Most of the time!)

So next time I disappear during the Today show, you know that I am at an appointment or have fallen asleep in the Storm Center!

Have a great day and feel free to email me anytime at rvaughan@wsfa.com

PS- I'm hoping to give the site a new look in the next several days, so be on the lookout for that! By the way, Tonya was absent today because of a scratchy throat.... Keep her in your thoughts and prayers and hopefully she'll be back tomorrow .....so that the show doesn't go down the drain!

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