Monday, January 10, 2005

Good (Good) Monday (Monday) Morning (Morning)

Wouldn't it be great if our job was that easy!

Good Monday Morning! I was having so much fun over the weekend with family and friends that I didn't do any posts on the blog.... I'm sure nobody can blame me on that! Every now and then I'll post something on Saturday or Sunday, but not this weekend. Sorry

Today was an easier Monday than last week. We are "testing" a new IFB system in the studio. That is the system that handles the audio we hear in our earpieces. It's been a little rough , but I'm sure it will be ironed out by tomorrow. When I was doing the weather today, I could hear about a half second delay of my voice in my ear. Do you remember when kids use to repeat everything you said back to you. It's like dealing with a kid that does that really good! "today (today) it (it) will (will) be (be) 71 (71)...... It's hard to think straight when that is going on, hopefully I didn't look too scatter brained.

Anyways, here's another email I got about the trophies. I found this one pretty cool:

I just want you to know I get the biggest kick from watching one of my 7 year old twins during the trivia time. I have to call him to make certain he does not miss it. IF the trophy is passed his eyes light up. He figures they must really be in the same place or it has to be magic. I just get so tickled !!! LOL It is a highlight of the busy morning. I hope you keep the trivia spot, believe it or not we have learned a thing or two. Thanks for all you do. We enjoy your positive, caring and laughter in the mornings.

Marsha, I think the Trivia is here to stay! Everyone thinks it is a nice addition to the show. I believe it was a great partnership idea. Mix 103 is played in so many offices across the area, it was an easy selection to fit everybody.

Well, I hope you have a great Monday! Enjoy the warm weather, it will be cold by the weekend. As always, feel free to email me at

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