Monday, February 21, 2005


Many of you know the Carr family and many of you personally know Arlam Carr. If you want a little refresher about the Carr family checkout this article and book. Arlam has been here at WSFA for over 30 years! He works behind the camera every morning on Today In Alabama. As with many folks that work here, he really wants to make sure we have the best product hitting the airwaves.

Last week I said that "31 degrees" was "chilly". During commercial, Arlam said that "31" is COLD, not chilly! I chuckled and told him to write an entire explanation of what is cold, chilly, warm, etc. The next day I surprised him with the "Arlamometer". I plan on using this occasionally throughout the week. Maybe I'll put a hat on him from time to time, maybe an umbrella.... who knows. Stay tuned!

If you have any suggestions to make the Arlamometer even better, email me at

PS- I hope to post some more viewer email this week, feel free to email me at

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