Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Who's Reading From Korea?

I got an email yesterday from my brother-in-law who is serving in South Korea for the United States Army. He told me that he reads the blog everyday! Wow, the blog is read on the other side of the world! Pretty cool, huh? He ended the email saying that he'll see us in 43 days (it sounds like he is counting!) When he returns, him and the family are moving away to Washington state. It's far away, but at least it's in the USA and away from the Nuclear weapon nut in North Korea!

I want to take a moment to thank all of you that serve, have served, or are family members of those that serve in the Armed Forces. It's an amazing task that you take on! I would proudly serve my country if I had to, but to voluntarily sign up... I would have to think on that for awhile. To be honest, I doubt I would do it..... You guys and gals are brave and if you are reading this blog overseas... Thanks for all you do!

If you are overseas. drop me an email at rvaughan@wsfa.com, I'd like to hear from you! And to my brother-in-law in Korea.... Get ready to party Bro', I'll see yah in 42 days!

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