Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Clean Up Your Mess Judd!!!

This morning started out like a lot of mornings around here.... Judd and Tonya rushing down the stairs 15 seconds before the show starts. They tend to run late from time-to-time. Look at all of the papers on the floor behind the desk! That was Judd's way of cleaning off the scripts from the 10:00 newscast. Not the neatest way to get rid of them, but they were out of his way when the show started at 5:00am! Don't worry folks, he managed to pick them up during a commercial. To give you guys and gals some perspective of the picture above... Judd and Tonya are on the right side of the picture doing the news. The papers were thrown over his shoulder. Nice mess Judd!

Anyways, here's an email from one of you about the Arlamometer:

I agree with his "calculations". I'll bet he's been paying attention to all of you and could do the show almost by himself! Not really...we'd miss you guys!


Thanks Barbara... Maybe one day we'll get Arlam in front of the maps to do the weather. That would be cool! He may have done it before... I'll have to ask.

Well, I'm signing off for now... I'm not feeling good this morning. I hope I'm not getting the nastiness that has been going around! I'm heading home as soon as Jeff gets here. As always, feel free to email me at

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