Friday, February 11, 2005

Did We Look Nervous?

In the above picture you can see the Washington DC Bureau Chief for NBC News, Tim Russert. You have probably seen him on "Meet The Press" on WSFA. The man on the right is Jim Keelor, the president of Liberty Corporation which owns WSFA!

Mr. Keelor, along with other top people from Liberty, are in town today. Why is it that we always get nervous when the "Top Dogs" are watching? I'm always afraid that I'll goof up something or say something wrong. Hopefully Mr. Keelor likes being mentioned in blogs, because if not... I'm starting the day off in the wrong direction!

Each year these guys go to all of the stations and give us an update on what is going on within the company. We always get to learn something new and get to find out what direction WSFA is heading. It's actually one meeting that I do not mind attending. ***I'm NOT trying to suck up in case they read, I really like the update they give!

Anyways, I better get off here and get to work... I don't want to look like I'm always surfing the net! You need to get to work too! I understand most of you read the blog at work. Does your CEO or COO know you blog on company time? Ha Ha....

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PS- I didn't use the word Bigwig because it originated by people having lice! I thought that might be insulting. Find out more about the word Bigwig by clicking here. You'll also learn about some other popular sayings!

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