Thursday, February 17, 2005

He's Gettin' Big!

This is my oldest son testing out his uncle's '68 Camaro SS. I bet when he turns 16, I will look back at this picture and see how zippy our lives are with our kids! He's doing good these days as a big brother. If anything, he loves on his brother too much and too aggressively! He has hit him a couple of times and when we ask why he did it... he simply says...."because". I guess that is a common 2-year-old answer! He was actually probably just trying to wake the baby up!

In other news.....
As expected, tons of people logged on to Tonya's "bio" page yesterday to make sure she still worked here. After being featured on the blog, the number of hits on her page were the highest in sometime! (It's because the blog gets hundreds of hits! LOL) Judd also had a lot of hits???? I guess all the women were flooding his page to see if he is single... Sorry ladies, he's not!

As always, feel free to email me at Have a great Thursday!

PS- Isn't the Camaro SWEET!

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