Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Where's Tonya???

You may have noticed that it was a guys only show today. Tonya came to work sick and looked so rough that we sent her home. We have SO many people sick here at WSFA! Another sick person spreading germs around is the last thing we need! Unfortunately I have occasionally been feeling a little green as well! I'M GOING TO FIGHT IT THOUGH! Knock on wood... I'll be out tomorrow!

It's always funny when one of us is gone (especially Tonya) because our "bio" pages get a lot more "hits". On a day-to-day basis Tonya has more people look at her biography than anyone else at the station. When she is sick, even more people log on to see what she is all about! I guess they are checking to see if she still works here!

Now I have you interested and she'll have hundreds of people flooding to her "bio" page. I'll save you some time, here is the link to all of the biographies of the WSFA News Staff

Click on mine a bunch so that I'll beat Tonya for once! Just kidding, don't waste your time!

As always, feel free to email me at Have a great day folks!

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