Friday, February 25, 2005

Message From Ronald McDonald

I found out that the chicken website is a little fake. I thought it was some guy doing what I said, when I said it.... That's not the case! It is over 300 pre-recorded actions loaded on the website to respond to keywords we type. When I found this out it ruined the whole site for me! It was like finding out Santa is a fake! Ronald was happy to deliver the unfortunate news to me, since it was a Burger King promotion. Here's the site that I used to find out more on the chicken. You can find answers to urban legends there too!

Speaking of fast food... The 12 steps Of Fitness diet continues. We are still hitting Gold's Gym several times a week and I have actually lost weight! I'm not going to say how much until the end of the 12 weeks, but I like the results so far!

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