Monday, February 28, 2005

Had a Blast In Reeltown!

I got to judge the Reeltown Beauty Ball Saturday night! It was the first time I have ever judged a pageant, so I hope I made everyone happy in Reeltown! Judging is actually harder than you might think! The other judges and I spent a couple of hours interviewing the girls prior to the pageant. I quickly realized that all of them were intelligent and ambitious young ladies. I didn't count up the scores, but it had to be close!

I have a couple of "blog" shoutouts before I sign off. I want to say "howdy" to my fellow judges: Leesa Alexander, Elvia Henderson, and Everette Reynolds. I had a great time spending the evening with you guys! I also want to suggest Oscar's to anyone in the Dadeville area. Reeltown fed us some shrimp, chicken, and corn nuggets from this restaurant and it was AWESOME! I have got to get back up there to eat again someday!

Anyways, I better sign off now. Sorry that the picture is dark... my flash wouldn't work right! If you have any pictures from Saturday night, email me at and I'll switch it out.

Anybody can email me at if you have something to tell me. Have a great day!

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