Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Women Know Cars!

We ran out of time in the show to give you more history about the windshield wiper and it's inventor, Mary Anderson (pictured above). Mary invented the wiper before the Model T was invented! She got the idea after observing the conductors of streetcars in New York City constantly stepping out to wipe off the windshields. Check the rest of the story by clicking here.

In the above article you'll also hear about how women invented hundreds of parts for cars including the carburetor, a clutch mechanism, an electric engine starter, and a starting mechanism! So next time somebody says that women don't know about cars, throw some of this information their way! Maybe these oil change places will stop trying to take advantage of women! Just give them the oil change!!!

Anyways, it's raining pretty hard outside and the phone is ringing off the hook. I better sign off and start working.

Way to go ladies!

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