Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Donkey Basketball Rocks!

We had a great time at Crenshaw Christian Academy last night playing Donkey Basketball! It was harder than I remembered. I played back in high school, but last night it hurt a little worse than 10 years ago! I quickly realized that donkeys are not the smartest animals in the world and they don't exactly obey! Hopefully the folks of Luverne had a great time watching me hit the floor several times. All the folks we met last night were extremely nice! Thanks for the good time Luverne! For more on our Donkey Basketball game, checkout Judd's Digital Diary.

In other news... I'm still on the diet and I am still hitting Gold's Gym as often as possible. I'm taking off today due to bruises and the lack of sleep from Donkey basketball! I'll be back on the weights tomorrow and I'm looking forward to my "cheat" day on Friday. "Cheat" day is the day that I can eat whatever I want for one meal! Last week I had a burger, fries, and ice cream....Yum! I think this week it will either be Chinese or Zaxby's. Maybe both!!!

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