Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I Want To Go To The Lake!

You may have heard me give the best fishing times this morning on Today In Alabama. I gave the best times to fish according to the moon! Some believe it, some don't! If you have any fishing tips, email me at Nothing is too absurd... I have heard that spitting chewing tobacco on your bait works! Really???

When I was a kid, we spent every weekend on the lake it seems. My dad would always take us fishing for Striper or what we called "Rock Fish" in Tennessee. We also caught Hybrids. No matter what they were, they were HUGE. We also did a lot of camping on the islands of Percy Priest Lake in Nashville. Those were the good 'ole days! Where is the best place to camp around here? If you have any good spots, feel free to email those tidbits as well!

I hope everyone made it through the storms with no big problems. I am loving the view from the Storm Center right now.... Tons of Sun! Get use to the nice weather... we have temperatures in the 70s for the next several days... Thursday and Friday look to be the "dry" days though.

One other thing before I go.... I want some feedback. I'm thinking about allowing people to post comments on the blog so that everyone can openly read what others are thinking. I would start it off with a little game... I post a picture and you post the possible "captions" or "quotes". Watcha think?

Feel free to email me at

PS- The above picture is the sunrise over Lake Martin

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