Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Day has Come!

I talked about my bother-in-law who has been stationed in Korea a few weeks back. Today he is coming home! My little niece might be the happiest little 3 year old in the country right now! They will be in town over the next couple of days, so I am taking off work! Since I am off tomorrow and Friday, I have to edit "County Road 12" today. I think you will like this week's segment... It is "royal". You'll understand Friday.

Since I have to go edit and strong storms are moving in, I'm going to shut up for now. Here are some emails I got about the gas prices. Look at the website in the last email! VERY HELPFUL!!!

I spend around $30-$40 a week myself. I live in Prattville and drive to Montgomery everyday. I live out close to Highway 82 and drive to downtown Montgomery. I did however find a cheap gas station going to work this morning, it was $2.09 a gallon. It's the Racetrac gas station going up highway 31 past Jim's restaurant. So that will help out a little. I read your blog everyday, and am hoping for a lot of sunshine and nice temperatures on the 16th of this month. I'm getting married that day!
--- Jessica

Ryan, You probably don't want to read this, but here goes. I live 2 miles from where I work, go to church, Walmart, and other miscellaneous errands during the week. I drive a 2001 PT Cruiser, and I buy unleaded gas at Sam's Club. I spend $40-$45/ month for gas.

I found a great website that tells the gas price's in Alabama,and everywhere else in the country.
They up date daily. Enjoy your news every morning. ps,we are from
Nashville also,Goodlettsville area.

---billy and yvonne

Thanks for the emails and the website! Congrats to Jessica and her wedding!!! Billy and Yvonne, let's carpool home to Nashville to save on gas!!!! Danna, I think you need to contribute funds to all of us that drive farther to work!!! LOL

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