Monday, April 11, 2005

Monday's Are Bad!

It's hard to get back up to speed after 4 days off from work! It's funny how rough a person can look if you "freeze frame" some video! I haven't updated the blog since Wednesday, so I have a lot to talk about! First, I'll talk about my brother-in-law coming back from Korea.

We had a great time while he , my wife's sister, and niece were in town. The boss-lady gave me some tickets to the Biscuits game, so my brother-in-law and I went there Friday night. We got to sit in the suite, so that was pretty cool. Usually the WSFA suite is used for more important people than the weather guy! :) They are now in route to Tacoma, Washington where he will be stationed for the next few years. My wife isn't real happy with her sister moving across the country as you might imagine.

Speaking of my wife, she spent Saturday night in the ER with my oldest son. He has been running a bad fever the past few days. I stayed home with our youngest son worrying to death how my oldest was doing in the ER! He still has a fever this morning, so please keep him in your prayers. I hate to see the little guy feeling bad.

Speaking of kids... (this blog is flowing well today!) I went to the Biscuits game again yesterday with a friend of mine. As many of you know, two fights broke out that cleared both of the benches. The man in me thought that it was "pretty cool". Then I looked down at the kids lined up to run the bases after the game. They weren't laughing... they weren't cheering... they were observing the players fighting. It just made me think about how influential these guys on the field really are.... By the way, it was "Kid's Day" yesterday.... Way to go guys!

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