Thursday, April 28, 2005

The first day that we were in Gatlinburg, it was snowing in the higher elevations. We took the new minivan up about 3,000 feet or so toward Cherokee, North Carolina. It was the first time my boys had seen snow! Of course my four month old didn't care!. My oldest son, Shad, got out for a minute or so and threw a few snowballs! The temperature went from 50 in downtown Gatlinburg to 30 as we went up the mountain. You can typically count on the temperature to drop 5-7 degrees for every thousand feet you go up. We could have gone farther up the mountain to see 7" of snow, but I figured it wouldn't be safe to go any further because the roads were getting bad.

Anywho... Over next few days I'll be sharing a few more photos from our vacation. We went to Dollywood and the Aquarium of the Smokies too! Log on to see those photos over the next few days! As always, feel free to email me at

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