Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I Gave Her Fair Warning!

The last time my boss corrected the blog I told her I would put her picture on it if she did it again! Only my mom (who reads the blog everyday) can correct the blog without getting a payback. I realized several months back that my boss, Denise Vickers, doesn't like to be on TV and I'm guessing she doesn't like being on the blog either... but she was warned folks! I'll be the first to admit that I am HORRIBLE at English. I'm the weather guy!!! I like Math and Science, not English! Here's the email she wrote to Judd and me.....

Hello guys!

First… let me say… “I LOVE YOUR BLOGS.” But, guys, we have far too many type-o’s, spelling and grammar errors on the blog. While it’s your blog… remember it is a reflection of the WSFA website and station’s overall image.

Do we have a copy editing process, before it gets posted? If not, can we implement one?

Here are just a few of the errors I found reviewing your recent blog postings.

Ryan's Blog:

We had a great time while him , my wife's sister, and niece were in town. (It should read: “while he…”) The boss-lady gave me some tickets to the Biscuits game, so me and my brother-in-law went there Friday night. (It should read: “so my brother-in-law and I…”).

Judd's Digital Diary:
Whether your player is a little all-star or just a beginner, let them you they have your support. (I believe it should read: “let them know they have…”)

The sound like a cute little middle school group of girls. (It should read: “They sound…”)

There were more mistakes. But, I think you get my point. All I’m asking is that we implement a copy editing process before the blogs get posted. We all make mistakes (yours truly included). We just need a copyediting process, so that fewer mistakes get on the web.

Please let me know how you plan to address my concern.

Did I tell you how much I LOVE YOUR BLOGS? Keep up the good work, please don’t let this email have a chilling effect on your initiative - just help me with this copy editing concern.


As you can see, she was very nice about it, but I like to joke around with her and THAT"S WHY SHE'S ON THE BLOG!!! HaHa!!! I even wrote her back telling her that the blog will come to an end today because I was so upset about her email. She bought it for a moment! I'm sure I have more errors in this entry too.... Mom? Proofread this one really well! I rush every morning to get this on for people to look at when they get to work. That's why it has so many errors!

As always, feel free to email me at You can email Denise too at

PS- Cat Update: Not found yet, posters have been put up around the neighborhood. One lady says she may have seen him Sunday (about 2 blocks away). :(

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