Monday, April 18, 2005

Well, it looks like I'm officially going to become "old"... I think we are buying our first minivan. We went looking on Saturday and may have found one that we like. I'm going to think it over today, but a "Mommy Mobile" looks to be on the horizon! We were thinking about going with an SUV, but they just aren't as easy to get the kids in and out of....Not to mention gas prices!!! Since the blog is now sponsored, I wonder if I can get a good deal from them??? Anyone there? Jack?

I put the latest pictures of the kids on the blog today because they bring in ratings! If I show the family instead of my ugly mug, the number of hits double on the blog! We'll see if that theory holds up today as well.

It's Monday, but I'm not too unhappy! It's only a 2 day week for me!!! I'm taking some time off this week and the first part of next week. As always, I might update the blog while I'm off work... so make sure you check. Tomorrow I'm going to give you some links to some blogs that I checkout from time to time. You can look at them and tell me what is good or bad so that I can incorporate some new ideas to my blog.

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Cat update: No Cat... 2 false alarm phone calls.

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