Friday, April 15, 2005

Can't Type "Blog" On The Blog?

OK.... so I took the advice that I got and at least started using Spell Check that is provided by the program that I use to write my blog and the first word that comes up incorrect....BLOG. Absolutely amazing.

Well it is FRIDAY!!! wOoHOo..... I'm going to keep this short so that I can go work on County Road 12. I've got a cool little story about a local artist that has a unique platform to paint on. She's got a cool story, I just hope I can tell it good!

Last night was a rough one. My oldest son had his first earache. I think God gave me an earache last year so that I would get a little "refresher" on how bad they hurt. Since I know how bad they hurt, I feel so sorry for him. He has had a rough week. He has had the flu and now an earache. My wife says he feels better this morning.... I'm sure he'll feel even better after Disney On Ice!

I'm off to write and edit. Talk with you again on Monday unless I decide to update the blog through the weekend (You never know). Feel free to email me at

Cat Update: Went to Montgomery County Humane Society and Autauga County Humane Society yesterday... No Sheriff. Stopped by our Vet.... No Sheriff, but told them to look out for him. Starting to lose hope at this point. :(

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