Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day

I hope you have had a great Memorial Day so far. It's hard to be at work when everyone else is off work. With that said, let's not forget what Memorial Day is all about... Our soldiers; past and present. If you know a soldier, give him or her a big hug today!
Chances are, you will be hugging that soldier at a cookout or "cook-in"! With rain falling across the state, outdoor plans will be limited. Let me say this... The Vaughan's are still keeping their outdoor plans. We are just keeping them REAL flexible! We are planning on an intense game of volleyball, followed by an intense meal! I could be a little bloated tomorrow morning. I also might have a bruise on my forehead from a vicious spike of the volleyball! Wish me luck...

Anywho, everyone have a great holiday... be safe... don't drink and drive.... and don't grill inside the house! As always, feel free to email me at

PS- Don't forget... you can get the latest image from Super Doppler 12 on the left side of this page along with the latest watches and warnings!

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