Thursday, May 26, 2005

That's A Big Fish!

You have probably seen this fish by now. It's the new 124 pound World Record Blue Catfish! If you missed the story this morning about the fish click here to get numerous articles about it. Here in Alabama the record is 104 pounds and you can find out more about Alabama and the Blue Catfish by clicking here.

Can you imagine catching this monster! The largest fish I ever caught was a Striper (called Rock Fish in TN) and it was almost 30 pounds. I can't imagine pulling in a 124 pound fish! Wow!

In other news... I can't persuade anyone but Danna to be the spotlight blogger of the day!?!?! She is the only one to participate! I guess the 19,000 hits I have go on my blog have all been Danna, my mom, and my boss to spellcheck it!

One last chance... I want a digital picture emailed to and a short paragraph about you and why the heck you read this "rambling" every morning! It can be a picture of you, you and your family, or you and your friends.....

I have a hunch that nobody wants to admit they read the blog! OR they read at work and don't want the boss to know they surf the web!

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