Tuesday, May 03, 2005

We Were In The Newspaper!

Did you miss the Sunday morning Montgomery Advertiser? If so, you missed an editorial written about the storm coverage from "The Storm TEAM". I'm guessing the writer was talking about WSFA since we are "WSFA Storm TEAM 12". Here's the editorial for those of you that missed it:

Letters to the editor
Weather team needs calmer conditions

In recent memory a local television station changed the name of its weathermen to "The Storm Team," and since then Montgomery's weather has become a threatening, sometimes frightening presence.
After The Storm Team was born, many springtime showers are predicted to be "heavy rain with a chance of baseball hail." Most thunderstorms are "severe, and bear the seeds of a possible tornado," every windy day constitutes an ominous threat.
If this TV team were broadcasting in England a few years before Shakespeare was born, Thomas Tusser could never have brought himself to think that "Sweet April showers/Do spring May flowers," and a few years later it would not have occurred to Shakespeare to notice "The uncertain glory of an April day!"
Lighten up, Storm Team. Some of us, while appreciating your good intentions and real value, fear that this overselling and excessive zeal on your part could keep central Alabama hunkered down in our storm cellars so long that we will miss springtime this year entirely.

Tom Fitzpatrick

Maybe this guy is right, maybe he is wrong... I'm not sure. When I see video of people's homes thrown all over the place (see above photo) I feel we don't do enough! We get tons of emails from folks thanking us for our coverage, but I wonder how many viewers think we should NOT break into regular programming? What do you think? Drop me an email at rvaughan@wsfa.com Have a great day folks!

PS- You can send your own Letter to Editor at the Montgomery Advertiser by clicking here. You can also get your Storm TEAM 12 forecast everyday in the Montgomery Advertiser.

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