Saturday, June 04, 2005

Give Us A Ring Today!

WSFA will be holding their annual Children's Miracle Network telethon. Tune in and give us a call. It's a great effort for a great cause!

Maybe our boss will let us shave our heads in order to help raise more money! Can you imagine Bob, Rich, or myself with some letters shaved in our head!

The guy pictured above shaved the letters in his head in order to raise over $1,500. He was the boss of the company.... I wonder if our boss would do this?

Here's another guy that got a red mohawk after three branches of his company raised $2,200! I would love to be able to get a red mohawk if it meant $2,200 would go to CMN! Maybe my boss will read this today and I will have a red mohawk for Monday morning! We'll see... I doubt it though...

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