Monday, June 06, 2005

Sad Monday, But A Cool Video!

My wife and kids are heading out for Washington today. I have a new appreciation for the families that are broken apart when someone gets deployed. Our troops are sent away from their family for months or years and I am depressed over 9 days. I guess I should just "suck it up"! People joke around that I will have a quiet week and that I can catch up on some things around the house... but the truth is, I don't like a quiet house! I want to hear crying from the baby and I want my son running down the hall yelling at the top of his lungs. I also want to hug my wife when I get home... This week is going to stink pretty bad! I'll go ahead and throw out my disclaimer... I might not be as chipper as usual...

In other news... I don't want to leave you depressed too, so here is something neat from Mars.

Have you seen the latest from the Mars rover mission. For the latest information click here. To go directly go to a video of a dust devil on mars, click here. The dust devil is COOL! I may talk more about it tomorrow...

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