Friday, June 03, 2005

Great To Be A Nashvillian...and a cheesy song!

I love it when people talk about how much they love Nashville. Whenever I tell people where I was born and raised, they always make good comments about the city. I hope Nashville continues to be as great of a city as it is today. Every time we go home, there is something new popping up. I love living in Alabama, but I'd be lying to you if I told you that my wife and I don't want to be one day. (Maybe when we are 60...)

Each morning I read numerous blogs from Nashville (and other places) and I ran across a cool one the other day. It's Charlie 411 and it gives some interesting tidbits about Nashville that I didn't even know! And I'm as Nashville as Nashville gets! Click on Charlie 411 to check out Charlie's Blog! Be sure to read yesterday's entry about the Ryman Auditorium... that's where my wife and I were engaged! (Dave Mathews Concert!)

In other news... I wanted to give you a little song to get your Friday started. It's called the Weather Dude! It is written and recorded by Nick Walker from The Weather Channel and it just might be the cheesiest thing I have ever heard in my life! WARNING: It will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day... Turn down your speakers so that people will not make fun of you and click below:

Weather Dude Song

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