Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Several Things To Talk About!

My wife sent me this picture from Washington. Isn't it beautiful! They have actually been wearing jackets up there on their trip while we are down here sweating! She and the boys fly to Nashville today and will be home tomorrow. I can't wait!

One thing my wife is dreading is the heat that we have going on right now! Can you believe that heat index values could go as high as 107 today. Ouch! I'm going out to a softball game tonight and I'm sure it will not be the most comfortable night, but at least the sun will be going down! Go First Baptist Prattville!

In other news... the Michael Jackson verdict came down. Hmmm, should I comment......... Why not, it's my blog and I can put what I want on it!
I was shocked... I really was. I wasn't shocked that the verdict was "Not Guilty" on the worst charge against him (molestation). I was shocked that he was acquitted on ALL CHARGES. Even the "Jesus Juice" charge. Maybe it's the prosecutions fault, maybe it was a dumb jury, maybe the mother was as credible as bag of popcorn. Heck, maybe the guy was innocent on this charge??? I don't know.

I just hope that this verdict was not based on the mother's character. I would hate to think that the young boy in the case was considered a liar because of his mother... That would be sad.

What are your thoughts? Email me and I'll post some of them on the blog this afternoon or tomorrow morning. My email address is rvaughan@wsfa.com

PS- What about the fans outside the courtroom? Really Weird!

Viewer Email:
As a parent, I am appalled at Michael Jackson's not guilty verdict.
This verdict will only fuel other child molesters like him. More of them will now know that they can get away with it!! What is this world coming to? He should be punished and not be allowed to keep doing this. Michael Jackson has become a freak. He will, however, be forced to answer to God and will receive the ultimate punishment.


In our justice system we are supposed to have a trial by a jury of our peers. Peer is defined as "an equal before the law". Now where could you find peers for Jackson. He is so weird....I don't know anyone remotely like him. I do think he is a victim of a lost childhood but no more so than many others in this country that were forced to take on adult roles when they were still children. How many children were expected to work in the cotton fields when they were just children and I am not going back in time to the slave days, as these things happened much more recently. My own father was adopted out of an orphanage into a family that had 3 daughters not because they wanted a son so much as a boy to do farm work. He was not allowed to sleep in the house. He slept in a "tack room" in the barn. He was not allowed to eat with the family but on the back porch in the warm months and in the barn when the weather was bad. He grew up normal. His favorite charity was Boys Town. From what I have read the entire family and this boy him self were not credible on the wittness stand. Do I personally think Jackson did molest children.....yes I do. He certainly did not learn anything from the charges brought against him years ago. The wife of his children is nuts too. His own little ones will have a lot to overcome if they are ever to grow up anywhere near normal.It bothered me that juror #5 had a book deal in the works even before the trial ended. I find that disturbing.

Ryan –
It is a sad day whenever O.J. Simpson can be involved in a murder (whether or not he did it is still questionable but nonetheless, if he did not do it, he knows who did), Robert Blake can virtually do the same thing, Michael Jackson can molest a child and go free and poor Martha Stewart gets caught doing something that, if you look deep enough, most big corporations partake in and she goes to prison! (By the way, who did she hurt?) Anyways, I realize that these are strong opinions so forgive me if I offend you or anyone else. I just needed to vent…


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