Friday, June 17, 2005

Weekend Events For Dad!

We've got a busy weekend ahead! There are a ton of things to get out and see. You may have noticed that Storm TEAM 12 not only gives you the forecast, but we also fill you in with information to some of the area events. Here are some of the area events this weekend:

Slocomb Tomato Festival
Alabama Bluberry Festival in Brewton- Saturday
"Sax In The City" in Demopolis- Sunday

135th Masonic Celebration in Florala

Plus many more events across the State!

If you EVER have an outdoor event that you feel deserves it's own forecast, drop me an email at

In other news... there has been ANOTHER earthquake this morning in California! That is the fourth or fifth this week alone! I don't think I could live in place that was constantly shaking. I get mad when someone drives by the house with the radio turned up and it shakes the windows!

Anywho, I am going to busy this morning editing County Road 12. We're talking about Artesian Wells tonight at 6:00!

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