Thursday, July 14, 2005

Great Dennis Pictures!

It's not even 8:00 and we've already had some hefty storms move across the area. I'm sure many of you in the Tri-County area got an early wake up call from mother nature! Speaking of mother nature, I got some cool pictures given to me from Officer Fuller from the Prattville Police Department. She took some awesome looking pictures when Hurricane Dennis was moving inland... Here's one of them...

I also got another picture from the day that Dennis was coming into the state. As you know the men and women that "protect and serve" have to be ready for the heavy rain. For most, that means to bring your big yellow slicker and maybe some boots.... One officer took it to the next level! Water Wings!!! It's nice to see the lighter side of the storm!

In other news... the shuttle didn't launch which put a damper on my day! Hopefully we'll hear today when they plan to launch. When they do, I will post the live video link again. As always, feel free to email me

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