Wednesday, July 13, 2005

It's Time To Fly Baby!

Maybe I am just a science geek, but this picture is gorgeous! It's amazing how cool million of pounds of metal can look in the right setting. Click this picture to make it larger and get ready to have your breath taken away! It's an amazing day today for NASA. I'm sure they are excited, happy, sad, and nervous all wrapped together. If you are at work and you are not going to be able to watch our Special Coverage on WSFA, then I have the "hookup" for you! Below is a live streaming video link to the shuttle! You can take a look now at some of the live video and/or tune back in at 2:40'ish to see the launch. The official launch is at 2:51 central time.
Have a great day! I have some cool pictures from Hurricane Dennis hopefully ready to post on the blog tomorrow... Stay tuned. As always, feel free to email me at

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