Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Countdown Has Begun...

It's been over two years now since NASA had a shuttle in the air and we all remember what happened. I remember that day like it was yesterday. My wife, father, sister, my oldest son, and I watched in my living room as the tragedy unfolded. It was so sad and so unbelievable all at once. Tomorrow, NASA hopes to turn things around with the launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery STS-114. The mission has been titled "Return To Flight". Hopefully the entire mission is a complete success. For more about the launch and mission click here.

In other news, I'm still trying to get back on my toes from Dennis. I feel like I have been a stumbling idiot for the past two days! Hopefully I go back to being a normal self tomorrow..... which some may argue is very similar to a stumbling idiot!

We're watching Emily out there and I honestly feel that there is no way that she could be coming this direction. There is no way that we are THAT unlucky! We'll be tracking Emily all week though! As always, feel free to email me at rvaughan@wsfa.com

PS- Did you caught in the traffic on I-65? Here's a picture I took on my way home yesterday (click to enlarge)... Looks like folks were eager to get home to see if their home was damaged. I don't blame them...

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