Thursday, July 07, 2005

Latest Information

I'll give you folks that read the blog a summary of where the the computer models take Dennis over the next few days. (click picture to enlarge). More or less, every model except for one takes it right to us Sunday night. I just heard via conference that the National Hurricane Center plans to shift the forecast track a little east to Pensacola, but the result would still be the same for us. We are tracking this storm closely and will continue to give you the latest information. As with Ivan, WSFA will be on-air for the duration of the storm if needed.

You shouldn't be in "freak out" mode yet. You should be thinking of what to do and what to get if this storm continues it's path, but don't get too crazy just yet. By tomorrow night and Saturday, we should have a good grasp of the situation. Stay tuned!

On a brighter note... Roy Jones Jr. will be on Today In Alabama tomorrow for you boxing fans out there! I can't wait to meet the guy. He's one heck of a fighter!

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