Monday, August 08, 2005

Back To School!

Many kids are heading back to school today and this morning I brought back the "Bus Stop Forecast". If you are a regular watcher of Today In Alabama, then you know that each morning somebody is driving the bus with their big head hanging out the window like a dog! I actually thought about not doing the Bus Stop Forecast OR at least not do it with someone driving each morning. After asking other people's advice... the general consensus was that it would be a bad idea... So it STAYS!

If you know any REAL bus drivers and you can email a digital picture of them and can tell me why they should drive the bus on Today In Alabama. I will try to put them on the bus too! We'll see....

As you probably know, the landing of the shuttle was delayed because of low clouds at Cape Canaveral. They are going to try again tomorrow, but I'm guessing they will have to use the alternate landing site in California because conditions look to be questionable tomorrow in Florida again. We'll see tomorrow if I am right about that... In the meantime, check the link in earlier blogs to continue watching the mission LIVE.

Finally today... Longtime ABC anchor Peter Jennings passed away at his home last night from complications from lung cancer. While Peter Jennings was famous and his story is in the press, we must remember that families across the country go through this tragedy everyday. To make a donation to cancer research, you can send an e-card to brighten someone's day by clicking here.


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