Thursday, August 18, 2005

A Few Days Off...

I just got back from the beach. . . I'm sure none of you noticed I was gone from Today In Alabama! Every now and then they let me take a few days off. I love the beach, but this has to be the worst time of the year to go... Let me explain. It's WAY too hot to be outside, the water is WAY too hot, and since they are both hot there is not enough of a temperature difference between the two to get a nice breeze flowing. The greater the temperature difference between the two, the stronger the sea breeze typically. Oh well, it's still the beach. I'm not complaining that much! At least there were not a whole lot of tourists since school is back in session!

Tomorrow I am back at work, but I am working for Rich. Yes, they let Rich off work every now and then too! I'm not used to the evening shift, so I may be sleepy by the 10:00 news. We'll see...

Last time I posted a blog I asked you folks what makes a good weathercast or weatherman or weatherwoman and if you would like to see the "old school" weather board brought back... Here's what you wrote:

Good morning, Ryan,
Being from a farm family where weather is very important to our livelihood, we have always paid attention when the weather is on.
Over the years, our family has come to depend on channel 12 weathermen. What you tell us is usually correct and the graphics are good. It's fun to see how they looked during my childhood and how they have changed!
I think the personality and how many years we've been seeing a person makes a difference as to how we perceive the weather report. I like Rich and now we have you and Jeff to depend on. I like when you explain why we are getting the weather we see. (Like a high pushing into a low or a cold front coming through).
I like you all - you make me laugh sometimes and for something that can be mundane- that's good.
Keep up the good work.


Red Level, Alabama

Without the technology a weatherman wouldn't have the ability to give an accurate report and having the graphics helps us to see what is going on around us . Having a good personality to relate to people is always a good trait. So it takes all the above to make a good weatherman. You're doing a great job!


Ramer, AL

Thought I would check in and tell you it would be great to see the ole style of weather forecasting. In fact it is a little scary I can remember the early days of forecasting on WSFA. I must be getting older!


Thanks for the nice words! I'll see if we still have the old weather board and see if I can use it sometime! As always, feel free to email me at

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